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         In life, there will be very few opportunities for one to establish themselves amongst the many and push for the necessary changes needed to stabilize their community. For years I’ve been fascinated by the mere idea of being at the forefront of change. As a bail bondsman, I found myself spending countless hours talking to young men and women about their role and responsibility to their family, friends, and the community as a whole. We are all charged with great responsibility to our neighbors and the community at large. There is nothing more important than activism and the difference it makes. I have spent a lot of time and money over the years being the person I’d like others to be to me.   


         Today starts a new chapter, today a bigger door is set to open. On January 29, 2019, I took the first step toward attaining a seat at the table and solidifying my commitment to my community by running for my districts City Council Seat. A few weeks later I changed my mind and decided to go BIGGER. It is my greatest pleasure to announce that I, Anton Dowls, am seeking to be the City of Houston’s Mayor. Our city has many issues that need immediate attention. We can no longer wait for the current administration to begin to care and do the job that it’s supposed to do. Houston is a great city, and together we can make it even better. Please join me on my quest to uproot the negative in our city and lead us to revitalization. 


         For better roads, flood abatement, crime suppression, affordable housing, better paying jobs, quality healthcare, and financial responsibility, its paramount that we make the necessary adjustments now to prevent further derailment of our city.


This is our city and its time we take it back!



Anton Dowls

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